Radio Decibel makes the switch

Join the Music - August 31, 2016



  • Radio Decibel makes the switch
  • Release Date: August 31, 2016


We're very excited to share our newest Spine jingle package: Radio Decibel 2016. One of the most legendary stations in Holland made the switch to Spine - and we’re amazingly proud of it! The package consists of 12 cuts, including Top of Hour, news, traffic, weather and 8 IDs.

Jean-Paul van Druten, Spine Jingles: “We wanted to reinforce Radio Decibel’s slogan “Join the Music”, by approaching their jingles musically instead of chopping up bits and pieces
All cuts fit precisely with the format of Radio Decibel: 90s, 00s and todays hits!”

Anthony Timmers, Spine Jingles: “Exactly!”

Barry Brand, morningshow host and creative services director for Radio Decibel: “Radio Decibel is the station of the rewind hits. Music from the 90s, the 00s - but also the hits from 2016. We made the switch to Spine. The result? So phenomenally! We’re really glad we have Spine jingles on air!”!